Soil Respiration Test

First and for most with our fertiliser recommendations we would like to increase or maintain
the production of pasture or crop.

The goals are to safe money on fertiliser costs and reduce the leaching of the applied

The only way to achieve the above would be a very healthy top soil. With plenty of active
microorganism in the soil the essential bonds are created not only to glue the top soil
together and avoid erosion, but also to hold the nutrients applied in place and make them
plant available.

In short it means we have to get the diet right for the major workforce in the soil. The quantity
of each macro and micro elements are as important as the cation exchange sites and a
correct ratio of the base saturation between the cations in the soil.

With the right carbon ratio in the top soil we face less severe drought problems because the
moisture absorption will be increased and the main energy for the microbes in the soil
guarantied. In addition we stop soil erosion.

We will achieve the above by applying only microbial friendly chemical fertilisers which do
not change the soil pH or inhibit the soil microorganism reproduction.

Furthermore we like to help each Farm even further by measuring the biological activity
within the soil and potentially mineralizable nitrogen.
Soil organic matter (SOM) contains appreciable amounts of structural nitrogen and
phosphorus which become available to crops due to SOM mineralization. The microbial
colonisation of organic matter is largely responsible for the turnover and is also associated
with other desired traits such as water-stable aggregation (WSA) and soil-borne disease

We can offer a soil respiration test whereby the carbon dioxide from the soil can be
measured accurately and the active biological activity established.